Locate the right candidates to sell your products.

INGROUP has the perfect talent for you so that you can assemble the perfect sales team. They will add value to your products and services, increasing your market share, and leave you with more satisfied customers.

Our sales people are your products’ ambassadors. The right kind of staff showcase professionalism and communication skills, while at the same time:

Present your products' attributes convincingly and efficiently
in order to demonstrate them, close the sale, and receive orders

Help retain
and increase your customer base

Contribute to revenue increases

Create and keep commitments
and relationships with clients

Evaluate what can be the best possible points of sale

Resourcefully utilize available resources

Provide market updates
for Marketing and Trade Marketing Departments

Contribute in the mapping  of the customer journey

Monitoring the competition

Sales Tools.

INGROUP understands every different type of consumer behaviour. After we’ve first thoroughly researched the needs/wants of the customer/consumer, we help our clients develop and strengthen their products’ position in the market through specific sales-steps.

The sales procedure for every sector or market channel is different and depends on the special qualities of the market we are called to mobilize. INGROUP’s first and most important objective is to identify your specific needs and offer solutions that are tailor-made for individual distribution channels like:


HORECA trade shows


Small Retailers

B2B Channels

B2C Channels

Thanks to our customized tools and management systems, sales are controllable and maximized in every possible way.

POS and Sales Teams’ monitoring and evaluating is conducted real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

24/7 Monitoring

RTI is INGROUP’s exclusive, tailor-made platform that provides real time, direct POS updates (reporting) for all designated sales activations that happen daily.


Sales is much more than numbers and market shares. It is a real personal development journey, for us, for our people and for our clients.

We have all the tools, the experience and the know-how to provide you with the ideal sales professionals and sales teams. At the same time, INGROUP provides special training to help develop character traits like optimism, expressiveness, sociability, flexibility, and positive thinking. We believe these skills are essential for any individual, corporation, or business.

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