Top Promotion Services.

We are in harmony with the heartbeat of the consumer.  

Our objective is to attract customers at points of sale, offer them a unique experience, and make them loyal “fans” of our products.

INGROUP has the right teams and tools for the added push you need in sales. With more than 80,000 work-days a year in promotion activations under their belt, our exclusive teams (dedicated Beauty Advisors, dedicated Sales Advisors) as well as our Ad Hoc teams, work diligently and methodically towards your objectives for:

Increasing product sales and awareness

Acquiring valuable market data acquisition

Establishing consumer loyalty

Attracting new customers

Monitoring and updating competition analysis

Reacting with speed and precision to market needs 

INGROUP Promotion Activation Pillars

In Store /
Out of Store
Product Training
Product Tastings
Brochure distribution

Sales Consulting
Sales Consultants
Beauty Advisors

Sales Events
In Store / Out Of Store
Loyalty programmes
Tailor made programmes

Special Events

Promotion Tools

Thanks to our customized tools and management systems, sales are controllable and maximized in every possible way:

POS and Sales Teams’ Monitoring and Evaluating is conducted real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

24/7 Monitoring

RTI is INGROUP’s exclusive, tailor-made platform that provides real time, and direct POS updates (reporting) for all designated Sales activations that happen daily.  


Promotion: We’re right where our consumers live and breathe.

Wherever there are consumers, there are potential points of sale where goods and services can be promoted. Opportunities include supermarkets, open markets, squares, concerts, conferences, world day’s events, malls, exhibitions such as Horeca, entertainment and leisure areas, beaches, and so much more.  Any place a company regards as suitable to connect its brand with, can also transform into a place where that brand can be promoted.

“Experiencing” a product, leads to sales.

When consumers experience products, they tend to remember them better. They can only decide if they like them if they actually taste and try them; otherwise products can be easily ignored and not purchased.

An effective Promotion Plan:

Guarantees that clients know about the products being promoted as well as where they are located at their point of sale

Boosts demand for a company’s products / services

Differentiates a company to its competitors, helping to maintain or increase its market shares

INGROUP Promotion: Our strategic difference.

INGROUP has vast experience in promotional activations across every channel in the market. Additionally, it invests in human capital which are our candidates. The team's spirit, the exceptional work environment as well as the utmost respect for our employees, create trust and loyalty among our people; a requirement for the successful and efficient implementation of ad-hoc and contract-based projects.

INGROUP not only offers highly specialized, tailor-made services to its clients, but also responds immediately whenever a clients marketing plan needs revision, keeping it up-to-date and current with what is happening in the market.

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