Mystery Shopping/Audits Tool

Keep your customers loyal.

Mystery Shopping / Audits Services.

INGROUP’s Mystery Shopping Team helps you get an objective understanding of your customer’s experience, through sophisticated models and procedures that contribute considerably to improving customer care according to brand standards.

Mystery Shopping is the procedure-tool with the objective to optimize customer care. The implementation steps we take at INGROUP are built towards each of our client’s needs and according to their long and short-term objectives.

Keeping customers loyal- the INGROUP way.

It is 10 times more expensive to create a new loyal customer than to keep an existing customer. Furthermore, unhappy customers will talk to 5 to 7 people in their environment on average, about the bad service they received, magnifying repercussions for the brand.

Research shows that consumers change brands for the following reasons:











Customer service is evaluated on a daily basis making it crucial for any business. It is what affects customers’ trust and brand loyalty more than anything else. That is why it’s so important to know what is happening in our channels at any point in time, making sure that our customers get the best possible service and care.

INGROUP Mystery Shopping Services advantages.

INGROUP has specially trained Μystery Shopper teams that effectively control and evaluate the performance of our clients’/companies’ collaborators, acting as consultants for possible corrective measures in order to achieve set objectives.

INGROUP’s Mystery Shopping team quantifies the quality of services, monitoring:

How sales persons are perceived at points of sale and their attitudes and behaviour in relation to the company's culture and philosophy

How the points of sale look and are perceived by the consumers

This way, not only we maximize performance, but we also collect valuable data in order to get a better idea of the consumer and the competition.

INGROUP Mystery Shopping

Helps specify training needs and sales opportunities

Reinforces positive interactions between management and employees

Improves customer retention

Educates employees on what is important to customer service

Makes sure the delivery quality of products/services is high

Supports promotional programmes

Enhances employees’ integrity and knowledge

INGROUP Mystery Shopping Methodology.

For Mystery Shopping to be reliable and successful, at INGROUP, we have the following steps:

Mystery Shopper script/scenario development
in collaboration with the company/client

Questionnaire generation
together with the client, which is tailor-made to the specific needs including a safety valve to achieve the optimum, most valid outcome

for every category and questionnaire section

Mystery Shoppers profile

Mystery Shoppers training
on the products and company culture

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