The strategic art of attracting clients.

Thanks to INGROUP’s special methodology, merchandising successfully connects the product and the consumer, making sure products get optimum exposure both in and out of the store, resulting in more customers and sales.

Retail Merchandising.

At INGROUP we manage, develop, and train merchandising teams constantly in order to fill your permanent and temporary seasonal needs, inside and outside the stores (indoor / Pop up- visual merchandising) in every possible corner in Greece. Some of our main traits are speed, accuracy and trust in every single promotional activation we undertake.

Retail Merchandising is the whole process of promoting products in both permanent locations as well as in pop-up stores, and it is essential in order to reinforce the sales momentum of any business.

Merchandising practices train customers and boost customer buying behaviour, by creating the right store atmospherics for the end-consumer.

Everything that is seen inside and outside should create a positive image directly connected to the company and the product, resulting in winning the customers’ attention, interest, desire, and ultimately, their act of purchase.

Merchandising advantages.

The Merchandiser makes sure products are properly displayed in the store and uses all the available tools like POP materials, to accomplish objectives like brand awareness and sales increase.

It is important to prioritize merchandising activations because:

They promote your product,
making it even more attractive to the eyes of the consumer and making it much easier to sell

They provide a thorough product presentation,
that follows the newest trends for modern presentations

They help lower the costs,
which increases sales people’s performance and productivity

They apply the 3 D’s (Dominance-Display-Distribution), which are essential for sales

the INGROUP way.

INGROUP has substantial, long-standing experience in merchandising and an impeccably trained team, thus guaranteeing that all projects will be implemented perfectly, faithfully following the set planogram and standards which result in tailor-made proposals.

INGROUP Merchandising Services

Shelf Management
(Re-stocking, Out-of-stock checking, FIFO products recycling, planograms updates, price collection, products listing per code)

Order Taking

New product launch

Store Remodelling

Extra displays / Secondary points of sale

Contract/deal compliance

Promotional Activations Monitoring – Management – Control

Real-time snapshots from points-of-sale

Flexibility to introduce new methods, proposals and activations

Competition monitoring


POP materials placement

Visual Merchandising.

Visual Merchandising uses every single visual device, from stickers to lighting, special constructions, and advanced technologies, to attract consumers’ attention, with sales as the ultimate objective.
INGROUP’s visual merchandisers have special training to implement successful marketing, retail, and merchandising practices. By using creative, original solutions and ideas, they maximize utilization of any store- point-of-sale, making it attractive for the customers that leaves them with a positive, memorable experience.

Some of the tools we use:

Displays – Constructions inside the store

Interactive Displays

Creative shelving

POS displays


Discount coupons

Promotion / Seasonal displays

Window displays and Styling


To maximize space performance on the shelf, INGROUP’s Visual Merchandising expert team creates different shelving designs, depending on the sales and the communication strategy or campaign. Then:

We create an advanced 3D mock-up, which is a necessary tool for coordinating the designated teams within the company, and for the optimum shelf design of future stores or any needed adaptation with different measurements.

We combine the shelves’ standards with any displays and visual materials we need to use.

As a result, we don’t only keep our planograms’ deadlines but also implement them much faster.

INGROUP Merchandising Tools.

We have developed sophisticated systems, management, observation and evaluation tools, for POS, Sales and Merchandising. They provide real time information 24/7, in a highly secure digital environment.


Our clients have different needs so our approach is to listen first, then research and learn and evaluate their needs in depth so that we can propose the most ideal and holistic, collaboration model.


Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Model team mainly covers long-term needs in sales and merchandising (Β2Β ή B2C) by providing:

Controlled and pre-determined costs

Recruiting and management by INGROUP, so that the client / business can focus solely on the results

Flexibility that is especially effective in any urgent or not anticipated needs

Teams’ coordination and management, following our clients’ protocols and procedures

Thanks to RTI, our tailor-made platform that we developed, we are able to achieve real time reporting from all points of sale and all our Sales and Merchandising activations tha we execute on a daily basis.

Shared Model

Shared Merchandising is an innovative merchandising services model by INGROUP, which is the alternative to our dedicated services model. It’s for any business that needs absolute control of all their points of sale, including standard or follow-up programs, but with reduced costs. It covers different needs of companies:

Regardless of size

Applicable to all types of consumer goods

In all Supermarket chains

Throughout Greece

At INGROUP, we have created a special project team and also equipped it with all the necessary tools to provide its services to more than two non-competitive retailers, in every visit per point of sale. By choosing shared merchandising, our clients receive the support of our experienced and dedicated teams and:

Market access and penetration,
without having to increase their workforce

Specific and controlled budget

Usage of the newest data collection and monitoring technologies
(Monitoring App)

On-time updates for restocking and Out-Of-Stock inventory

Constant updates and control /
Promotional activations monitoring and feedback

Ad-hoc Project Team
(Flex Μodel)

For fast results, you need quick responses. Creating an ad-hoc Project Team allows clients to act instantly, in a controlled manner and with reduced costs, when additional or changing needs arise such as:


New store set-up



Planograms updates

What is your new project?