Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

It is widely accepted that creating a new loyal customer for your product costs 10 times more than securing the existing ones. Dissatisfied customers will defame a low quality product or service they received to 5-7 people.

Surveys show that consumers tend to change a product brand for the following reasons:

  • 69% service
  • 13% product quality
  • 9% competition
  • 3% Removal
  • 6% other

Mystery Shopping is the process-tool aimed at optimizing customer service of a company in the field it operates. INGROUP follows specific steps when implementing Mystery Shopping designed based on each customer’s needs and the diversity of products available in the market.

By quantifying the quality of services INGROUP examines:

  • The image and conditions of sale points,
  • The image of the seller in each sale point and his/her attitude and behavior in relation to the culture and philosophy of the company.
  • The final customer’s buying experience in total.

As a result:

  • The educational needs of the group become evident
  • The positive relationship between workers-administration is reinforced.

INGROUP employs specific steps to achieve successful and reliable Mystery Shopping:

  • Case scenario creation for Mystery Shoppers (in collaboration with the customer company)
  • Questionnaire Configuration (in collaboration). We create tailor made questionnaires with safeguards so as to achieve the most reliable and definite result
  • Gravity specification for each category and section of the questionnaire
  • Determination of the Mystery Shopper’s profile
  • Training of Mystery Shoppers in both the products and the characteristics of the company
  • Evaluation process
  • Data Collection and processing
  • Result Evaluation (scores, high-performing employees, diagrammatic representations, etc.)
  • Reporting & detailed presentation of results
  • Determination of the training needs of the group
  • Mystery Shopping Repetition to ensure the successful progress and development of the teams.


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