Service delivery models

Service delivery models

Each one of our customers has different needs, INGROUP’s attitude to such differences is to listen, study and understand in depth their needs in order to recommend the appropriate working model:

  • Dedicated Model
  • Shared Model
  • Flex Model

Dedicated Model

Dedicated model of service offers steady advantages. This INGROUP model caters mainly for long-term needs in sales (B2B or B2C) and merchandising, having controlled and predetermined cost. INGROUP is responsible for the management and staffing of the company so that the customer can focus only on the outcome, which is what really matters. This approach is particularly efficient since the team is stable and has extensive experience in similar projects.

Shared Model

The Shared Model of INGROUP services are the ideal solution for a company that wants to take advantage of scale economies. It covers sales and merchandising needs both in Athens – Thessaloniki and in the province.

Flex Model

Immediate effect is in need of instant reaction. Our customers consider INGROUP a valuable ally to carry out ad hoc programs that have a direct effect. Acquiring INGROUP Flex Model of services allows customers to act instantly in emergency conditions at a reduced cost.

Usually Flex Model covers needs such as:

  • Seasonal
  • Setting up a new store
  • launches
  • Remodels
  • Planogram updates