Permanent & temporary staffing

With over 19 years of experience in staffing both individual positions and integrated teams, INGROUP has the ultimate sophistication in Finding & Selecting Permanent Personnel as well as bridging temporary and seasonal needs through Temporary Employment.

Permanent Staff Recruitment and Selection

Human resource, admittedly, is the most expensive but at the same time the most efficient investment of a company. Therefore INGROUP pre-evaluates and pre-selects the candidate so as to meet your requirements. We make sure the proposed staff responds not only to the particular position but also is consistent with the broader philosophy of your company for a long and more efficient cooperation with you. Thus INGROUP safeguards your best capital depreciation conditions.

Specifically we provide you with:

  • Specialized professionals (recruiter) who are exclusively occupied with staffing your business.
  • Strict evaluation so that you receive high quality candidates.
  • Thorough past experience control to ensure that the candidate meets the quality standards.
  • Application of psychometric and skills tests.

Our main specializations are:

  • Administrative, Management Services
  • Sales, Marketing, Finance, Accounting
  • Production, Purchasing, Supplies, Logistics
  • IT, Engineering

Temporary Employment

Temporary employment services reduce costs and additional requirements from your business and provide you with a high level of flexibility and efficiency. INGROUP maintains a wide base of candidates of various expertises, which is continuously updated so as to directly cover the needs of our customers at any time in various situations such asς:

  • Coverage of increased seasonal needs
  • Replenishment of vacancies (leaves, diseases)
  • Probationary period of new staff
  • Need for qualified staff for specific project


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