HR Consulting

HR Consulting

The Consulting Services of INGROUP HR sector is aimed at companies in need of a reliable and trustworthy partner to manage issues related to the company’s human resources. Our services are of concern to companies which have HR departments and need to implement specific project, as well as companies that do not have organized personnel department and seek a permanent cooperation, reliably and efficiently covering their internal needs.

INGROUP services include :

  • Performance Appraisal (Personnel Evaluation System)
  • Restructure Management (Internal Reorganisation)

Personnel Appraisal System

The Personnel appraisal system is an extremely important tool for the smooth functioning of a company, since it is regarded not only as the basis for the development of its employees but also as the most significant selection tool concerning internal changes, such as promotions, salary increases, talent management and so forth. It also constitutes the main source of investigation and identification of the employees’ training needs.

Therefore such an appraisal system must firstly be designed to cover the needs of a company and at the same time enable and support employees and directors of departments in such a way so as to exploit the possibilities of such a process to the maximum. This is exactly what INGROUP accomplishes. Specifically INGROUP, after evaluating individual performance by engaging objective tools and methods, identifies human resources potential and determines how specific individuals or groups could achieve further improvement.

Restructure Management (Organizational Design)

The internal reorganization of a company is a major challenge that requires specific methodology, skilled personnel and careful handling. INGROUP Human Resource consulting group possess the required knowledge, long term experience and specialized tools to support your company in such a demanding process, whether it relates to reorganizing specific departments or the entire company.


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