«The most important thing is to invest in emotional intelligence and mental balance, because the hardest challenges will be psychological.»

Yuval Harari


By the people, for the people.

All our work, accomplishments and innovations, have but one goal: to support people in their need for better living and self-improvement. No matter if it’s corporations or individuals we’re talking about, when people prosper, communities prosper. One simple, everyday ideal permeates our vision: to be the group of companies which successfully combines business with the humane approach, sales with HR ; building solid trust and unshakable alliances with our people and clients.

The Greek firm
with the Hybrid Services.

INGROUP is the only company in its field that has proved to successfully combine top Trade Marketing and Consulting Services, with HR Services. All of our operations revolve around people, and our business culture is essentially people-centric. Our “people first” approach is important to us and the reason we treat our colleagues, our partners and clients, exactly the way we’d like to be treated: with respect and appreciation for their work. Positive reinforcement and recognition are contagious, as they provide motivation for improved performance, higher productivity and greater overall success.  

The 5 strategic values of INGROUP

INGROUP’s 5 intrinsic values are our guiding “compass”, leading our actions and ensuring our services are uncompromisingly top-notch.


Our teams’ expertise, as well as our reliability, credibility and quick response time, always provides the ideal solutions. These are just some of the reasons our clients, both Greek and international, have been awarding us with their trust all these years. Mutual trust and respect between our colleagues, our clients and our candidates is our modus operandi, resulting in long-term, robust collaborations.


It’s enormously  important to us to provide our clients with real growth opportunities from the get-go. We make sure our clients’ workforce is empowered, while also creating career opportunities for the people who trust us for their professional development.


Our passion for innovation is what propels us forward. We are the only company in Greece specializing in sales , while incorporating a firm specializing in Recruiting and Human Resources.


There are the things that unite us, and the things that distinguish us. We analyse your needs in detail in order to understand the intricacies of your business, as well as your priorities. This is how we show our respect and appreciation in the trust you put in us every day.


Our element  is People. We invest in human capital and add value to your trust. Our team as well as  our clients are collaborators in achieving our mutual goals.

ISO Certified Services

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