Complete Pharmacy Outsourcing Services.

11.500 pharmacies
64.500 health care professionals
of all specialities.

INGROUP along with its partner network and vast experience in specialized sales, can strategically implement all the know-how, tools, and its teams’ experience to answer the needs of companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why is the pharmacy market so important?

The pharmacy market keeps growing. In 2020, it was a calculated at 4,8 bil. euros, from which 20% -25% of the pharmacies gross sales came from products over the counter. Specifically, OTC sales, cosmetics and products excluding prescription drugs, are estimated at 780-800 mil. euros. This change was highly attributed to the sales boost coming from over the counter drugs, which helped contain losses coming from the drop of value from prescription drugs due to price reductions.

Pharmacies have developed into multipurpose places of health and wellness.

Consumers today don’t see pharmacies strictly as places to buy their prescription drugs, but as modern and aesthetically pleasing venues, where they meet their needs browsing beauty and health products, with the assistance of health professionals. Additionally, most pharmaceutical companies’ portfolio includes not just prescription drugs but also over the counter (OTC)  products. This reality makes it necessary for whoever is doing the marketing for a company in that sector to have both a general know-how and specialised medical expertise as well as high-quality training and experience in the medical field.

Today, Pharma Marketing specialization isn’t optional - it’s essential.

During the last decade, most pharmaceutical companies have realized the need for targeted sales, information, as well as promotion and merchandising activations for their products in pharmacies. Pharmacists also understand the importance of pharmaceutical products in our economy and that’s why they expect these companies to support and promote their products. Given the severe competition between pharmaceuticals, these products need to be marketed better, on the shelf and beyond.


OTC and MedTech products have radically increased and their enhanced presentation on the shelf gives consumers/patients the opportunity to choose more easily which product to buy, deviating often from what their doctor’s recommended.


Consequently, it’s important to use sales, information and merchandising because they:

Increase a product’s spontaneous demand

as a reminder

Direct customers/consumers
towards a specific product, giving a solution to their problem

Fully specialized services in the pharma industry.

INGROUP has categorized all 11,500 pharmacies in Greece, by pharmacy, brick, municipality, area, city, post code, as well as the 64,500 health professionals in Greece of all medical disciplines by speciality, institution category, institution, brick, municipality, area, city, post code.

INGROUP's know-how and vast experience of many years in Pharma Marketing doesn't compare with anything similar in the market, having already partnered with most pharmaceutical companies in Greece by providing medical information, sales, merchandising and promotion services.

Some of the services we could provide you with:

Pharmacy sales


Customer foot traffic increase

Ad-hoc programmes

Promotional activations


Merchandising inside the pharmacies or points of sale

Visual Merchandising

POP materials distribution


Specific activations that constitute a comprehensive Pharma Sales Plan include:

Direct and triangle sales
via pharma warehouses to 11,500 pharmacies all over Greece

Medical information / detailing
with a clientele of 64,500 health professionals of all specialties throughout Greece


Customer acquisition

Fast paced,
full coverage, Ad Hoc programmes

Promotion in pharmacies

Telesales and new product codes updates in Pharmacies

Merchandising services
in pharmacies

Targeted visual
merchandising in pharmacies

Brochure, sample,
promotional materials direct distribution in medical practices

Non-direct pharmacy events
with nurses and beauticians

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