Guaranteed speed, simplicity, flexibility.

Outsourcing payroll management to INGROUP means saving time and money, while keeping your company up-to-speed with new labour laws.

To answer the exceeding demand for outsourcing, our company offers complete payroll and other services from a team of experts with long-standing experience in the particular field.

Payroll Services

If you choose to delegate your payroll operations to us, not only is your payroll timely, accurate, and efficient, but you are also constantly up-to-date with any changes and developments in labour laws.

The whole payroll process depends on labour, insurance and tax laws. It also includes and reflects the company’s culture, as well as its relation with its employees. Proper and lawful operations ensure the impeccable collaboration with state authorities, minimizing bureaucracy and any possible fines.

Constant change in labour and other strict laws demand specific training without having to worry about payroll management every day, which may increase operating costs, while risking mistakes or omissions. This is why our payroll team strictly follows labour laws, and remains up-to-date on matters that have to do with new regulations and changes.

Our company can support you with:

Processing and filing
payroll data, down-payments, bonuses, sick leaves, annual leaves, unpaid leaves, etc.

Payroll calculation
and files exports

Analytical periodic statements for the Social Security Fund (EFKA)

Employer statements

Monthly tax certifications

Compensation costs calculation
due to dismissal, or premature termination of fixed-term contracts

Collective agreements legal earnings calculation

Constant updates
on labour law and regulations changes

ERGANI information system services, budgets, forecasts, expenses allocation, detailed reporting

The complete payroll circuit in detail

By outsourcing your payroll with INGROUP you gain guaranteed speed, efficiency and flexibility from a highly qualified team that is always current with the latest labour laws. At the same time, you are not charged extra costs such as special software, maintenance, and office supplies.

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