INGROUP Consulting Services combine advanced tools and expert experience.

The quest for a trustworthy and reliable partner in all business aspects related to human resources, leads to INGROUP’s HR CONSULTING.

HR CONSULTING by INGROUP should be considered by:

Companies that already have incorporated HR departments but need to implement specific projects

Companies that do not have a designated, organized, human resources department and seek to establish a solid collaboration, that can meet their needs with reliability and efficiency

We utilize all of the tools accessible to us as well as the know-how and experience of our special consultants, to have a firm handle of  the company culture and its human assets.

INGROUP’s consulting services include:

Personnel Performance Appraisal Management.

INGROUP evaluates your employee's performance with objective methods and tools, that detect personnel’s potential and specifies the areas that have room for improvement.

INGROUP’s performance appraisal system is an invaluable tool for any business because:

It is the foundation for both the development of its people and any changes within the company (promotions, internal job transfers, talent management)

It is a great source in order to identify personnel’s training needs

It is designed to fully cover the needs of any business

It contributes to workforce training as well as that of the departments’ directors
making the best use of evaluation processes

Personnel Training & Coaching.

Personnel training contributes greatly in achieving a company’s strategic goals. While you help develop your employee’s skills, you invest in them and your project’s success. INGROUP’s experienced consultants can help develop your company’s training programmes, by designing them according to your special needs, to maximize performance.

Internal Restructuring.

A company’s internal restructuring is a real challenge that demands a systematic approach, specialized personnel, and careful management. INGROUP’s consulting team can support your company in such a demanding task, whether it’s restructuring a specific department or the whole company.

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