Integrated Recruitment Services for non-EU personnel

Is your company facing a shortage of staff?

INGROUP is at your side. Οur recruitment services for employees from third countries offer you immediate, comprehensive and effective solutions. We search internationally for the specialties you require and select the best candidates for any number of employees you need.

Why is recruitment of workers from non-EU countries, becoming imperative now, more than ever?

Both in Greece and throughout Europe there is a great shortage of staff and workers. The impact of a shortage of personnel on your business can be huge:

Negative impact on the P&L account through loss of revenue and lower profitability

Reduced productivity

Lost opportunities for increased production and new projects

Unfulfilled projects and obligations

Expansion projects remain unrealized

Loss of valuable working time in the futile
search for employees from the domestic labor market

Excessive workload and pressure on
the existing workforce, leading to lack of peace of mind, lack of willingness to work and reduced social interaction

Business Sectors we serve:





Ιnformation Technology



Agri-food sector

Specialized positions

All you need to recruit & manage non-EU workers

Our integrated services maximize the benefits of recruiting workers from third countries, without having to create an in-house infrastructure to manage them. From registering and processing of your needs to the arrival of the right worker at the Athens International Airport, we take care of everything needed for the smooth integration of the foreign worker into the Greek reality.


We take care of:

Employee Recruitment Services

Support services


20+ years of experience
in team building

Highly experienced executives in Global Employee Recruitment

Thorough selection of personnel

Ability to find and recruit a large number of employees
from different countries

Choice of specialties
from every business sector and type of service

Design of integrated solutions,
tailored to the needs of your business

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