Our Philosophy


Our vision is a simple, everyday ideal: INGROUP aims not only to reinforce but also daily expand the trust of both our personnel and our customers.


Our strategy is supported by five main fundamentals which determine our behavior and relationships with both our employees and our customers:

  • Trust: The expertise of our staff, the reliability and the speed of efficient response providing customers with appropriate solutions INGROUP always functions under a spirit of mutual trust and respect towards employees, customers and candidates, creating long-term stable cooperation.
  • Opportunities: INGROUP gives much emphasis, on offering development opportunities. We reinforce human resources of our customers, and we create career opportunities for people who trust us regarding their professional reclamation.
  • Innovation: Our passion for innovative solutions is INGROUP driving force. That is why we are the only corporation in Greece that operates in sales simultaneously featuring a company specializing in staffing human resources.
  • Respect: We analyze in depth your needs to understand both the specifics of your business and your priorities. This is a sign of our respect in exchange for your trust in INGROUP.
  • Collaboration: People are our asset. INGROUP invests in human resources and adds value to your confidence. Not only are our employees but also our customers partners in the effort to achieve our common goals.