The main aim of INGROUP’s Quality Management System is the permanent improvement of its procedures’ efficiency, with as constant criterion the continuous satisfaction of its customers’ needs and expectations to the maximum extent possible.

            In order to implement was is set out above the Management seconds and applies uninterruptedly the basic principles and rules governing the Company’s Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, by determining objective targets on Quality relying on the full and constructive cooperation of both its employees and its partners.

            The basic principles – targets as expressed through the Company’s Quality Management System processes and procedures are:

  • The provision of services relating to customers’ pre-determined or special requirements, in line with the laws, as such requirements have been agreed upon in writing through contracts / agreements aiming at optimizing the satisfaction thereof;
  • The constructive cooperation with all the partners and other independent contractors;
  • The staff’s continuous information and education;
  • The identification of the causes for non-compliance or complaints and the further determination of corrective action
  • The provision of quality services in competitive cost by making the best use of human resources and new technologies΄΄
  • The constant improvement of the Quality Management System.

The System’s principles as well as the objective purposes for quality are reviewed in regular intervals by the Company’s management in order to be adapted to the new market’s needs and developments, the legal and requirements but also the achievement of objectives for continuous improvement of the Company’s functions.

The Management commits itself for the provision of the requisite resources (whether human or financial) in order to cover the needs as the same arise and are shaped by the existing procedures to its full potential.

All INGROUP’s departments are responsible to be informed, to respond, to master and to apply the procedures required by the Quality System in their everyday activities.

Also, it is INGROUP’s management responsibility to ensure that Quality Policy is notified to and may understood and applied by the entirety of the Company’s Human Resources as well as the customers – independent contractors aiming ultimately at continuously and steady development of its business activity with firm focus to its principles and to the constantly providing excellent quality products and services to its customers.


The Managing Director